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“Mall & Market provides its clients with experience and competence in the definition and design of retail space”.

Mall & Market provides its clients with experience and competence in the definition, planning and design of retail space.
Naturally, design and planning have to take into account the current market trends and latest consumer research, while also anticipating future trends.

We have a clear understanding of the entire retail spectrum :

  • The world and culture of big-name retailers and designer outlets,
  • The various issues relating to economic development,
  • The issues of regional and urban planning and sustainable development.


All projects are systematically analysed in conjunction with the architectural firms concerned.

Our team keeps track of the world of retail with open minds and trained professional intelligence, resulting in a fresh, dynamic and innovative vision of today’s market. This added-value directly benefits our clients.

Our services include defining the organization of retail space and service areas, recommending the functional organization of new sites or of existing sites under planned redefinition and reconfiguration, advising on merchandising plans, recommending businesses and retailers and conducting promotional and communication campaigns for retail development plans.