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The success of Mall & Market is founded on its multidisciplinary team, comprising not only professionals in the fields of mass retail and real estate but also experts in urban planning, legal affairs and economics. For the most part, the team consists of doctorate-level graduates from the elite French “grandes écoles” or from other major universities.

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The energy and strength of this team is in its complementarities, combined with the open mindedness acquired through extensive international experience.

For 25 years, Mall & Market has drawn its force from the synergy created by the diversity of its team and the long-term stability provided by its two directors.


Bertrand Boullé

Bertrand BOULLÉ is the Founding President of Mall & Market, which was created in France in 1991 as a company providing consulting and expert services in urban retail planning (“Société de Conseil et d’Expertise en Urbanisme Commercial”). The company now provides assistance and consulting services to a large number of retailers, promoters, institutional groups and local authorities.

With his long experience of working with the administrative and political authorities responsible for urban and land use planning, Bertrand BOULLÉ is today recognized as one of the best informed and most experienced experts in the profession.

He is the author of numerous articles and studies on Urban Retail Planning / Urban Commercial Development, and in this capacity he is regularly invited to give talks at leading international conferences and training seminars. In particular, he was recently one of the speakers at the major symposium (“Grand Colloque”) organized on the subject of “The Contribution of Shopping Centres to the French Economy” on 24 January 2013 in the presence of the French Minister for Crafts, Trade and Tourism, Sylvia Pinel.

As a university professor at Paris I La Sorbonne university, Bertrand BOULLÉ teaches a third level university course (Masters 2) in Urban Retail Planning and the Regulations governing Retail Infrastructure and Facilities. He has been appointed to the board of the training and research unit (UFR) of the Sorbonne Management School, in the capacity of “Qualified Individual”.

Bertrand BOULLÉ is Vice-President and director of the French National Council of Shopping Centres (Conseil National des Centres Commerciaux) and is head of its “Legislative Monitoring” committee. He has taken part in various works and studies on the evolution of legislation and of urban retail planning in France (commissioned by Dutreil, Charié).

Between 2010 and 2012, Betrand BOULLÉ has also worked as advisor to the Minister of Trade and Industry of the Kingdom of Morocco, in order to elaborate the Rawaj’s project.

In October 2013, he was received by the President of the Republic of Congo, Denis Sassou Nguesso, in the context of a project for the development of shopping malls in Brazzaville and Pointe Noire.

In July 2015, following the Pinel/ACTPE laws, he published the reference book “L’Urbanisme Commercial” at the editions Le Moniteur , which highlights and explains  in a pedagogical way the new legal frame of the commercial operating licenses.


Bertrand Marguerie

Bertrand MAGUERIE has been a key figure in the development of Mall & Market since 1993, becoming its Chief Executive in 1996.
In addition, he is a frequent guest speaker in the various committees of the French National Council of Shopping Centres (CNCC), and a few months ago he was named president of the committee on “City Outskirts and Urban Ambitions”. The aim of this committee is to reflect on the conditions that would enable the private sector to play an active role in the necessary redevelopment of the commercial corridors at the outskirts of conurbations and to present concrete proposals to the public authorities. He also regularly gives talks at training seminars, in particular for employees of big-name mass retailers.

At Mall & Market, Bertrand MARGUERIE is in particular responsible for monitoring legal developments in the field of urban retail planning. In this capacity, he interacts with several legal firms and also with the relevant public authorities. He has therefore become the obvious choice as advisor to numerous promoters, retailers and local authorities in defining their commercial development projects.