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Mall & Market Ibérica

Mall & Market Ibérica was formed by a link-up between Iniciativas Bcn and Mall & Market. It provides effective, well-proven and independent expertise in the domain of urban retail planning.

More than twenty years of expert experience in the development of retailer chains and the creation of shopping malls in Europe, in combination with its extensive understanding of the various aspects of commercial urban development and retail planning have made Mall & Market Ibérica a strong and trusted partner, providing expertise and transparency in the following domains :

  • Development of sales networks and assistance in the expansion of retail chains,
  • Preparing and overseeing applications for business permits and licenses (2nd license),
  • Taking effective command of the advocacy and lobbying procedures necessary for obtaining authorizations and permits.
  • Conducting and producing economic and strategic feasibility studies and market potentiality analyses,
  • Assistance in defining and planning retail spaces, whether new creations or renovations and redevelopments,
  • Recommending retailers and other businesses and activities to the planners and managers of urban development sites.

Mall & Market Ibérica has excellent knowledge of the various forms of retail business in Spain and Portugal, from traditional independent small shops to mass market distributors. It has an indispensable network of personal and institutional contacts in each of these sectors and so is able to provide convincing arguments at every level.
In addition to its expertise and long experience, Mall & Market Ibérica has established its reputation on the values of teamwork, loyalty and high ethical standards.