The outlooks of the commercial urban planning after the “Pinel law”

Mall & Market‘s associates, Bertrand Boullé (President) and Bertrand Marguerie (General Manager) will be speakers during a “training day” organized by the National Council of Shopping Centers (CNCC) on Thursday, 18th December, in Paris

The main aims of this day is to train and sensitize the major players of the commercial real estate field, such as developers, brands, investors, communities, consultancies, lawyers … about the future law aftermath.

Concretely, the goal is to emphasize and to stress the changes allowing the participants to:

  • Decrypt the law
  • Master the new practices
  • Analyze the actual consequences
  • Exchange with the experts
  • Evaluate the situation of the current projects
  • Adapt its strategy to be proactive

The new law, known as “Pinel”, will re-shape the whole process of the retail permit. Indeed, the commercial license application will be integrated to the building permit of the project.

Consequently, it will have an impact on cost and time, and will lead to complexity and legal uncertainty.

Stay tuned !

CNCC - 18 décembre 2014