Mall & Market, support of the African Pavilion by SIEC

Since its creation in 1991, Mall & Market has been dealing with the African continent. Firstly, by implementing cultural and humanitarian actions (solar lights distribution, Bantou art promotion…). Then, by fixing commercial orientations in Morocco, representing the Minister of commerce. Finally, Mall & Market has developed commercial equipment projects in Algeria, Morocco and other countries in Sub Saharan Africa (Ivory Coast, Congo…).

In June 2017, SIEC, created by the French National Council of Shopping centers, will develop a special corner about African countries, which purpose is to promote retail development in African countries. Mall & Market has been chosen because of its expertise, to support this event and to encourage French and European brands realize settlements in different countries of Africa.

Through this special event, SIEC hopes that African countries could overview  the European market, in order to create long-term gateways with the continent. Especially this year, Mall & Market celebrates Sub-Saharan Africa, notably Congo Brazzaville, Ivory Coast and Gabon.