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Ray Stadium – Nice (06) – Vinci Real Estate


Legendary Nice stadium, unused for almost three years will soon disappear. The layout of a new eco-neighborhood will take place instead, from the initiative of two actors: ADIM group and Vinci Real Estate, on a city-owned territory. This project includes 86 social houses and 218 houses destined to the access of the property; it will also include a Market shop of 3 700 sqm total retail space, with 6 shops of 650 sqm.  A drive will be created in the basement, comprising 3 refueling tracks.


  • Conceiving and drawing up the administrative documents and paperwork for business license applications
  • Assistance and representation in obtaining planning permission from the local and national authorities responsible for commercial development planning (CDAC).

Total Retail Space

4 350 sqm

Opening Date

Second trimester, 2 019